Rickey's Restaurant & Bar 
w/Gaea Schell, Fred Randolph

Panama Hotel/Restaurant w/Greg Sankovich

Mantra Wine Bar, Novato
with Greg Sankovich on keyboard

Red Poppy Art House, SF
Peter Barshay, Jason Martineau, Audrey Shimkas, Kelly Park

Denny Berthiaume and myself at Angelica's, Redwood City

Silo's Nightclub, Napa
with Mike Greensill on piano
Mike and Me

Fenix Nightclub, San Rafael, CA; Feb 2017

Terrace Room, Lake Merritt Hotel, Oakland: Feb 2017

Adam Gay

The Terrace Room, Lake Merritt Hotel, Oakland, CA
Dec - '16 Trident, Sausalito, CA

Justin Carny, Greg Jacobs, Myself

Nov - '16 Trident, Sausalito, CA
Justin Carny, Myself, Sam Cady

October - '16 Trident, Sausalito, CA
Justin Carny, Myself, Greg Jacobs

September - '16
Justin Carny on bass, Audrey Moira Shimkas voice, Sam Cady, keys

August - '16

July - '16 Trident Restaurant
with Ollie Dudek on bass and Greg Jacobs on keys

Greg Jacobs on keys and Ollie Dudek on bass 

June - '16 Trident Restaurant
w - Justin Carny and Sam Cady
Myself and Justin Carny

Sam Cady, Audrey Moira Shimkas, Justin Carny

Trident, Sausalito
with Sam Cady and Ollie Dudek

Trident, Sausalito
with Ollie Dudek and Sam Cady

Gaspar Brasserie, San Francisco
Adam Gay, myself, Kai Lyons

Cafe Claude, San Francisco
with David Udolf and Ollie Dudek

Ollie Dudek

The Terrace Room, Lake Merritt Hotel, Oakland, CA

Bob Blankenship, Aaron Germain, Sam Cady
Cafe Claude, San Francisco
w/Sam Cady and Ollie Dudek
Photo by Judith Schiff
Private Event at the
Corinthian Yacht Club, Tiburon, CA
with Jef Labes

Photos by Phil Torbet
The Trident Restaurant, Sausalito, Ca
with Greg Sankovich and Adam Gay

Photos by Phil Torbet

JB Piano Jazz Cabaret
w/Adam Shulman, Dan Feiszli
photos by Phillip Torbet

Trident, 11-15
Noir Jazz Jazz Trio
with Greg Sankovich and Adam Gay
photos by Phillip Torbet

Trident, Sausalito 10-15
with Adam Shulman and Dan Feiszli
photos by Audrey Shimkas
Adam Shulman

Adam Shulman and Dan Feiszli

Self Portrail

Trident, Sausalito 9-2015
photos by Richard Alejandro

Dan Feiszli on bass

Greg Sankovich

Sausalito Art Festival 2015
Audrey Moira Shimkas Project
with Jason Martineau, Tony Malfatti, Paul Eastburn, Hamir Atwal

the Trident, Sausalito
w/Greg Sankovich on keys
Paul Eastburn on bass

Town Center, Corte Madera
Summer Music Concert
w/Tony Mafatti on sax, Eric Shifrin on keys,
Bob Blankenship drums

the Trident 7-17-15with Eric Shifrin and Paul Eastburn
This photo by Cal Collingham

Eric Shifrin and Paul Eastburn

F3--Fast French Food; Oh! La, la!
Myself, David Udolf and Paul Eastburn

the Trident

w/Gaea Schell and Kurt Ribak

the Trident, Sausalito

w/Paul Eastburn and Richard Nelson Hall

the Trident, Sausalito, CA
w/Greg Sankovich and Paul Eastburn

F3 with Josh Workman and Paul Eastburn

the Terrace Room, Lake Merritt Hotel, Oakland, CA

Richard Nelson Hall, myself, Aaron Germain, Tony Malfatti and Sly Randolph (out of pic)

Lake Merritt background

Tony, Aaron, Richard and Sly taking a break

the Trident, Sausalito
Paul Eastburn and Josh Workman

Bringing out new material...

The Mechanics Holiday Party
Tony Malfatti, Gaea Schell and myself
Thank you Peter Bohns for the photos and all your help.

Laura Sheppard, Events Director and a volunteer

The Tavern at Tiburon Lodge
Paul Eastburn, myself, and Josh Workman at the Tavern, Tiburon, CA

Paul Eastburn and Josh Workman

Tiburn Tavern at the Lodge
with Gaea Schell, Paul Eastburn and myself

The Trident, Sausalito, Nov 2014
Thanks to Crosby Byers for the photos
with Kurt Rebak and Gaea Schell

Tavern at Tiburon Lodge, Sept 2014
Myself, Paul and Greg

Another Great August 2014 Night at the Tiburon Tavern
City regs caused us to be moved inside.
Greg Sankovich and Fred Randolph
Zohre, myself and Karl
Stephanie Etienne and Zohre Grothe at Tiburon Tavern
August Night at Tiburon Tavern
Myself and Fred Randolph

Fred Randolph and Jason Martineau

Outdoor Patio with heaters blazing
A Summer Night at the Tavern, Tiburon Lodge

Bent Flint, myself and Jonathan Herrera

Tavern at the Tiburon Lodge
Jason Martineau, myself, Fred Randolph

Deep in the heart of Tiburon, California; outside in the sunny late afternoon sun. 

Audrey Moira Shimkas Trio
at The Trident, Sausalito
Jason Martineau, Paul Eastburn and myself

Down in Panama...Panama Hotel-Restaurant, San Rafael
with Greg Sankovich on keyboard

Greg Sankovich and Audrey Moira Shimkas

Jason Martineau and myself; Saturday night full house at the Trident

Another magical evening performing with Greg Sankovich  at the Trident, Sausalito

With Greg, making music is beautiful.

Mechanics Institute, SF
Annual Holiday Party

Tony Malfatti, myself, Jason Martineau

Ben Flint and Mike Stone (sitting in)

Mike Stone, Mgr of the Trident, singing a couple of tunes in his beautiful voice. What a range!

Ben Flint doing his trombone-keyboard solo

The "blonde" appeared and sang "Kiss"

I love doing duets!
Ben Flint and Mike Stone

September at the Trident, Sausalito, CA

With Greg Sankovich

Greg Sankovich and Audrey at the Trident, Sausalito, CA
Trident photos courtesy of Robert Couly

The Sausalito Art Festival, Artist Stage

with Tony Malfatti

with Greg Sankovich and Fred Randolph
with Bob Blankenship

Corte Madera Town Center: Tony, Jason, Bob and myself

Greg Sankovich and Audrey Moira Shimkas at Yoshi's, SF

a little help on "Happy Birthday, Grandpa" from the youngest fans


Jason Martineau and I at the Trident, Sausalito, Ca

Jazz is about the music!

Greg Sankovich and myself at Panama Hotel Restaurant

Kelly Park and Audrey Moira Shimkas at The Trident, Sausalito , CA

Chris Rowan (Rowan Brothers) and myself at The Trident, Sausalito, Ca

Greg Sankovich and myself at The Trident, Sausalito Ca

A Classic!
Kelly Park and Audrey Moira Shimkas at Trident, Sausalito, CA

Jeanne and John

Phil and
Tim and

Trinki, Wynne, Jean and Doug

Myself, Greg Sankovich and Lincoln Adler at Rickey's Restaurant, Novato

Wedding reception performance, San Francisco

Tony Malfatti, sax; Grant Levin, keyboard; Audrey Moira Shimkas, vocals

A Spring Sunday in Alexander Valley Wine Country

The Bubble Lounge, SF w/Lincoln, myself and Greg

Bubble People

Grant Levin, myself and Tony Malfatti play at a SF wedding reception.

Myself and Jef Labes at the Panama Hotel & Restaurant, San Rafael, Ca

The Panama is a wonderful spot to sing; it's really a supper club where the people come to hear great music.
Bob Couly, myself and Kelly Park after the gig at The Trident, Sausalito, CA

Doug Boggs, myself and Kelly Park; The Trident

Holiday gig at Trident, Sausalito with Jef Labes

The "in" crowd at Trident, Saus

Holiday Luncheon Event at the Marin Association of Realtors

Considering something with Jef Labes
Tony Malfatti, Ben Flint and myself at the Mechanics Holiday Party--5th year

My 4th year doing the Mechanic Institute Holiday party which is held in their 2-story library.

Tony Malfatti on sax; such a great, natural player!

Tony and me at the Mechanics

Kelly Park and I at my first gig at the "new" Trident, Sausalito

With Grant Levin and Tony Malfatti at Yoshi's, San Francisco

Almost Halloween; Il Davide Restaurant

Same night at the Giants World Series Game 1

Myself and Jef

Mill Valley Film Festival 1993; Audrey Moira Shimkas
Il Davide Restaurant, SR; Jef Labes and myself; Sept 20121

Jef and myself, Il Davide Restaurant, San Rafael, Ca, 9-5-12

Jef Labes and I at Il Davide Restaurant, San Rafael, California

Jef Labes on keyboard and vocals

Bill, the host with the most and Rick, easily the best bartender in town.

Quartet performing our 6th annual, Town Center, Corte Madera Concert

Bob Blankenship on drums

Tony Malfatti, sax and Jason Martineau, keyboard

Jeff Labes and myself performing at The Tavern at Lark Creek, Larkspur

The Tavern Biergarten at Lark Creek; gorgeous redwood grove setting...

myself, Greg and Lincoln performing at Rickey's, Novato

Rickey's, Novato, Ca; 6-9-12

Myself and Greg Sankovich

Greg and Lincoln

Myself, Greg and Lincoln Adler

Trio performing at Rickey's Restaurant, Novato

Yoshi's Lounge, San Francisco, Ca w/ Adam Goodhue and Dan Zemelman

Trio @ Yoshi's, San Francisco, June 2nd 2012

Greg Sankovich and myself at Rickey's Restaurant

Doing new material.

Those moments! with Greg & Lincoln Adler, the sweetest guys and wonderful musicians.

Saturday's outdoor wedding for my sweetie-pie friends

Looking for Love Songs.  Mike Klein, keyboard and Julian Garfolo, bass

Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, Ca

Sweetwater Music Hall w/Gerry Grosz and Mike Shiono

At Savanna Jazz, San Francisco with Kelly Park, Mike Bordelon

An Exciting evening with Kelly Park, Mike Bordelon

 Panama Hotel and Restaurant
with Jeff Labes

Yoshi's Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Yoshi's Lounge, San Francisco

Yoshi's Lounge, San Francisco, Ca; December 2011

Yoshi's Lounge, San Francisco

Mechanics Institute of San Francisco Holiday Party

Fabulous Tony Malfatti on sax

Incredible Jason Martineau on keyboard

Jason and myself: Mechanics 2011

Myself and Jeff Labes playing a duo the Panama Hotel Restaurant
Myself, Fred Randolph and Lincoln Adler

Yoshi's Lounge, San Francisco; Nov 22, '11

Greg Sankovich on keyboard

Jason Martineau on keyboard, myself, Paul Breslin on bass at Yoshi's Jazz Lounge, 9-29-11

Chris Pimentel and myself at Ghiringhelli's Restaurant
Ben Flint, myself, Louis Christopolis at Yoshi's Jazz Lounge, San Francisco, CA

Jazz and Blues By The Bay, Gabrielson Park, Sausalito, Ca

Fred Randolph, Jason Martineau, Bob Blankenship, myself, Tony Malfatti

Town Center Summer Concert, Corte Madera, CA
Adagio Hotel, Restaurant, San Francisco, California

At Sausalito Seahorse Restaurant
At Seahorse, Sausalito with Lincoln Adler,
Greg Sankovich and Bob Blankenship

At the Adagio Hotel
At the Adagio Hotel Restaurant/Bar
with Dan Zemmelman and fan.
550 Geary St, San Francisco

Panama Hotel Restaurant
with Mike Klein and Trevor Kinsel
Rickey's Restaurant and Bar
with Jason Martineau and Dean Muench

Yield Wine Bar, SF
with Dan Fabricant and Dan Zemmelman

AT Rickey's with Fred Randolph and Gary Grosz
Myself, Gerry Grosz and Fred Randolph
appearing at Rickey's Restaurant and Bar, Novato

 The Vin Club, Broadway , SF
with Aaron Cohn and Michael Parsons

At Rickey's on a very rainy night--we had a full house.

With Greg and Linc

My first gig at The Vin Club, NorthBeach, SF
with Dean Muench on bass and Michael Parsons on keyboard.
Jason Martineau and myself Performing For Ross Valley

"A Night at the Charleston" Fundraiser.

We had a great time performing at Seahorse, great crowd, the band was really getting into it with some new rhythms.

Performing with the quartet at Seahorse with guest artist Graham Bruce on trumpet.

Stan Sinberg & myself celebrating NYE at Seahorse.
Christmas at Seahorse, Sausalito
with Fred Randolph, Greg Sankovich, Lincoln Adler

The Christmas Quartet at Seahorse; 12-16-10

The Mechanics Institute Holiday Party

57 post St, SF
This is our second year playing at the holiday party for the great folks at the Mechanics Institute, San francisco, Ca

Tony Malfatti, Jason Martineau, myself

Holiday party for Fisherman's Wharf Merchant's Association
thanks to Mick Suverkrubbe, owner of The Parlor and The Cosmopolitan.

with Jeremy Leber, keyboard & Tony Peebles, sax ; Photos thanks toCurtis Huber; Curator Wax Museum

Le Colonial Swing Sets w/Linc, Fred & Greg

At Yoshi's, SF Saturdays during August & September
Greg, me and Linc at Yoshi's; great crowd; McCoy Tyner on the big stage

Yoshi's owner, Kaz, sez that I'm the perfect trio for Yoshi's
A Favorite at Yoshi's Jazz House & Japanese Restaurant
San Francisco's premier jazz performance house
August & September
This praise from Kaz Kazamura, owner of Yoshi's Jazz House & Japanese Restaurant, San Francisco's premier jazz performance house, who hired me to perform during August & September:

"Audrey Moira Shimkas is a delightful presence with an abundance of warmth, wit, and sophistication. Though a jazz singer by training and temperament, Audrey takes obvious pleasure in a boundless repertory. On her exciting, recent album "devil may care" (Anna's Jazz Island), she puts her stamp on a sheaf of American and Brazilian standards, Rock/pop classics and Blues. It is Audrey's combination of musicianship, style and personality that sets her apart from other fine local vocalists and makes her the perfect musical choice for Yoshi's Lounge."

Yoshi's: top of the jazz "food chain"

Lovin' the sushi.
Yoshi's, SF w/Tony Malfatti, Jason, Dan Fabricant

At Sausalito Seahorse with Fred Randolph lending some 6/8 rhythms to standards like "Frim Fram Sauce"

Greg Sankovich, Fred Randolph & Lincoln Adler creating a new" sound"

Must be the "Season Of The Witch"

At Yoshi's, SF w/Jason Martineau & Bob Kenmotsu

Yoshi's, San Francisco1330 Fillmore St
Saturdays, Sept 18th & 25th
Saturday, August 28th; 6-9pm
Here with Alex Murzyn, Jason Martineau & Scott Thompson

Yoshi's photos by Linda & Lewis

Concert at Town Center, Corte Madera
Photo by Miki LangFollowing photos by Patricia Finn

Lincoln Adler and myself

Lincoln Adler & Aaron Germain

Greg Sankovic; love the hat

Lincoln, Aaron, me & Greg

Aaron Germain

Mark Rosengarden & Aaron Germain

Quartet: Sausalito Seahorse
305 Harbor Dr, Saus
Thursdays: 8/26, 9/9, 9/237:30 to 10:30pm
Photo by Warren Novak
SF Yoshi's Lounge; Trio
Sat, August 14th; 6-9pm
Fillmore St, SF

Horizons, Sausalito

Friday, August 6thTrio; 6:30-9:30
Photo by Sharon Guy
Audrey Moira Shimkas
& Hero2Zero Band

Sunday, Aug 8th; 2-4pm
Town Center, Corte Madera
outside, near the elephant foundtain
Rickey's, Novato
Trio w/Jason Martineau & Lincoln Adler
Saturday, July 31st; 6:30-9:30pm

Photos Peter VellaHorizons, Saus
Audrey Moira Shimkas Trio
July 30; 6:30-9:30pm
Seahorse, Sausalito
Birthday Party July 23rd, 2010; 7pm
Audrey Moira Shimkas Quartet
and Doc Kraft Band

Photos by Cal Collingham
19 Broadway, Fairfax
July 18th; 8 to 11pm

Audrey Moira Shimkas
with Hero2 Zero Band
Greg Sankovich, Ely Samuels, Mark Rosengarden, Darryl Berk, Richard Baskin
Audrey Moira Shimkas Jazz TrioSat, July 10th, 6:30 to 9:30pm
Horizons Restaurant

w/Max Perkoff; Fred Randolf
558 Bridgeway, Sausalito, Ca
415-331-3232 Horizon Photos Cal Collingham
Rickey's Restaurant & Bar, Novato Full moon night around the pool; 6/25/10
Photos by Don Rixman

The Not-open-for-business-yet

Seahorse Restaurant, Sausalito

with Jason on piano, Bryan Bowman, drums, Lincoln Adler, sax
Rickeys, Novato
We'll be back at Rickey's, Novato on Friday, June 25th; 6:30-9:30pm; out by the pool

We'll be back at Seahorse, May 27th; 7-10 Seahorse Ristorante Musica, Sausalito

Trent Boeschen & Lincoln Adler
Greg Sankovich

We're back at Enricos June 5th, Saturday
Enrico's, SFApril 25th; Audrey, Greg, Lincoln & Bob

New Orleans French Quarter Jazz FestivalAppearing at Irvin Mayfield's, Bourbon Street, New Orleans
and Windsor Court's The Grill Room

NYCity, checking out the music scene

Furthered a real estate deal in SF; on my cell phone in Central Park while looking at Trump Tower. Felt good, felt better than Trump, himself.

Rickey's Restaurant & Bar
Sat, May 15th 7 - 10pm and
Friday, June 25th 7 - 10pm Audrey w/Greg Sankovich
A one-handed photographer...gets into the act.
Audrey, Greg and Ely Samuels
s in North Beach

504 Broadway, San Francisco
Friday, April 23rd; 8 to midnight

I love Enrico's. Full house, wonderful music.
... with the 6-piece band.

Friday, May 14th; 7:30 to 11:30
Audrey Moira Shimkas Trio at
727 Laurel St
San Carlos, CA 94070727 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 94070
Photos by Lincoln Adler

Rickey's Restaurant & Bar

At Rickey's, Novato. Full house, overflowing bar crowd.
We'll be back:
Friday, March 26th,
Sat, May 15th and
Friday, June 25th

Greg and myself...

Audrey, Greg & Lincoln

Enricos Restaurant
in Famous Northbeach
Friday, March 12th
8 to midnightAudrey Moira Shimkas & Company
Greg Sankovich, piano; Lincoln Adler, sax; Tom Peplinski, drums; Bob Calo, guitar; Dean Muench, bass
504 Broadway, SF
Enrico's "Eponymous" sidewalk cafe was founded in 1958. It was immortalized in Bullitt with Steve McQueen's "lets go to Enrico's".Over the decades, Enrico's has been at the heart of San Francisco's entertainment, social scene, culture and spirit Rickey's Restaurant, Novato
Trio w/Greg & LincolnSat, Feb 20th
Friday, March 26th
7 to 10pm
Rickey's Restaurant & Bar is centrally located at Highways 37 and 101 at Inn Marin in Novato, California. The restaurant serves American comfort food for dinner and cocktails Tuesday thru Sunday with Audrey Moira Shimkas providing Jazz on Feb 26th and March 20th. This great North Bay restautant has a great bar and has become a destination, local “watering hole”CD available for purchase...
To Hear Some Of The New Tunes; log onto:

New Years Eve at "Saylors Landing"

Performing with Noel Jewkes, Matt Clark, Mike Hallesy & Bryan Bauman at
Mauro Desolino's Blue Moon Party

Listening to Noel play the flute...

The Last Days of Jazz 'Round Shanghai 1930

My last Shanghai performance of a 5-Year Run;Shanghai will be closing, owners opening restaurant in
101 California (with music) in nine months. (Sept 2010?) Not happening.

Greg Sankovich, myself, Lincoln Adler and Bob Blankenship on drums

I'll miss this wonderful, funky, exotic, speak-easy flavored nightclub.
Looking forward to a fabulous new music scene...

Blue Moon New Year's Eve Party
at the former Saylors Landing

305 Harbor Dr at Gate Five Road, Sausalito
7:30 till after midnight
Dinner & Show: $45
Audrey Moira Shimkas, Vocalist
Noel Jewkes Latin Swing Mad Man Band
Also special performers:
Tengo Tango
Pop Iltalian Tenor Duo
DJ Mousier Cristophe
Illusionist Jeffrey KorstHappy Holidays!
Private Party at Alta Ridley's photos below...
Alta Cuisine,
1555 So Novato Blvd, Nov Tues, Dec 15th 6:30-8:30
Photo shoot with Lincoln Adler for the CD coming soon. ..
Photos by Lincoln Adler
Busy mixing the CD and creating the packaging graphics...

Thurs, Dec 10th
5:30 - 7pm

The Mechanics Institute
57 Post St, SF
Holiday Party (members only)
Audrey Moira Shimkas Trio
with Jason Martineau & Lincoln Adler

Thursday, Dec 17th
Sonomas Valley Jazz Society
Audrey Moira Shimkas & Jason Martineau
Noon to 2PM at
Sonoma Hills
405 West MacArthur, Sonoma

Friday, Dec 18th 7-10pm

Sonoma Valley Jazz Societypresents
Audrey Moira Shimkas TrioBrian Taylor Pierce in on trumpet; Jason Martineau on piano, Ely Samuels on sax and myself. What sound! What music!The Plaza Bistro420 First St E., Sonoma Thanks to Janice King and all the wonderful people at Sonoma Valley Jazz Society for giving us such a gracious welcome.
Saturday, Dec 26th

Jazz 'Round Shanghai 1930
133 Steuart St, SF
Audrey Moira Shimkas Quartet
w/Greg Sankovich, Lincoln Adler & Bob Blankenship

Rickey's Restaurant & Bar, Novato
Audrey Moira Shimkas Trio
Oct 30th; 7 to 10pm
with Lincoln Adler on saxJason Martineau on keyboard

Shanghai 1930
the sexiest jazz bar/lounge in SF

133 Steuart St, SF
Oct 29th: 7 to 11pmTrio with Greg Sankovich & Lincoln Adler
Saturday, Dec 26th: 7:30 to 11:30pmQuartet with Greg, Lincoln and Bob Blankenship on drums

Audrey Moira Shimkas Quartet
At Anna's Jazz Island
, Berkeley
Recording audio for CD due out Jan '10
and videos currently on YouTube, iLike

Photo; Robin Jolin: The performance at Anna's Jazz Island
Rickey's Restaurant & Bar
Friday, Oct 23rd

with Jason Martineau, keyboard
Lincoln Adler, sax7 to 10pm; no cover, great food, great bar...

250 Entrada DriveNovato, California 94949

Hear songs, see videos

Singing under the moon & stars at Piccolo, Sausalito Waterfront

Sept 4th and Sept 18th
Piccolo Cafe
, Sausalito
Under the stars...

660 Bridgeway ( at the foot of Princess St)
5 to 7:30pmAudrey, Greg & Lincoln

Taste Of Rome, Sausalito
Audrey, Greg & Lincoln (photos by Sharon Guy)

Lincoln Adler, sax; Audrey Shimkas, vocals; Greg Sankovich, keyboardFriday, Sept 11th(I know, I know, the date! How can you forget?)
Audrey Shimkas Quartet
with Jason Martineau on piano
Bob Blankenship on drums
Joe Cohen on sax
Fred Randolph on acoustic bass
Anna's Jazz Island
Robin Jolin Photography
a premier listening venue
2120 Allston Way, Berkeley
Just East of Shattuck Ave; click website for map
8 to 11:30 pm: three sets
come to any or all sets
Cover $15
We will be recording...

Balboa Cafe38 Miller Ave, Mill Valley
Thursday, Sept 17th
8:30 - 10:30pm

with Jason on keyboard
Introducing Piccolo Cafe, Sausalito
Where's This? It's Piccolo Cafe, located in Sausalito on the waterfront at the very end (foot) of Princess St. Greg, Lincoln & I will be there, weather permitting 'cause it's outside, on Fridays, August 7 and 21st; 8-10:30pm--right after Jazz 'n Blues By the Bay. And, again Sept 4th, 18th
August 28th at Taste of Rome (formerly Cafe Trieste), 1000 Bridgeway, Sausalito; Greg, Lincoln and myself from 7 to 10pm. Photos by Sharon GuyThe performance at the Corte Madera Town Center Concert

Myself, Jason, Joe & behind me where you can't see him, Bob.
In good company...

Sunday, July 26h; 2-4pm
Corte Madera Town Center Summer Music Concert

w/Jason Martineau, Bob Blankenship & Joe Cohen
August 28th: 7 - 10pm
Taste Of Rome, 1000 Bridgeway, Saus
w/Greg Sankovich & Lincoln Adler

Thurs, July 23rd: 8:30- 10:30
My birthday, come and say hello!
Duo w/Jason Martineau
Balboa Cafe
, Mill Valley

Taste Of Rome Trio w/Greg Sankovich & Lincoln Adler

Linda,Karen,Sharon & Kevin

Taste of Rome, SausalitoGreg Sankovich, keyboard
Lincoln Alder, sax

Balboa Cafe, 38 Miller Ave, Mill Valley
July 23rd; 8:30-10:30pm
It's my birthday; come on down

Shanghai 1930, SF
June 9th and July 14th

with Greg Sankovich, piano & Lincoln Alder, saxMike Klein & Me at Balboa Cafe, Mill Valley
38 Miller Ave, MV
June 11th & June 18th & July 23rd,
Thursdays; 8:30 to 10:30pm; Balboa Cafe, Mill Valley

Listen to MP3's, See Performance Videos
Coming July 26th
at Corte Madera Town Center

Coming Fridays
June 5th
July 10thTaste of Rome, Sausalito
7 to 10pm
with Greg Sankovich on keyboard
Lincoln Alder on sax

Doing all the songs from the new CD
Jazz 'Round Shanghai 1930
Thurs, March 5th
7 to 11pm

Audrey Moira Shimkas Quartet
Doing songs from the latest CD,
"I Want You"
Jason Martineau, piano
Fred Randolph, bass
Bob Blankenship, drums Oh, how I love my drummer! Thank you, Bob
And thanks to my beautiful fans...
A Valentine for Music LoversSaturday, Feb 14th Audrey Moira Shimkas w/Max Perkoff on keyboardEnjoy a Valentine’s evening for music lovers at Jason’s Restaurant. Whether you’ll be wining and dining a new love or celebrating happily ever after with that special someone, enjoy an evening of fine dining, wine, cocktails, and love songs by acclaimed vocalist, Audrey Moira Shimkas, at Jason’s Restaurant, 300 Drakes Landing Road, Greenbrae. 5:30-9:00pm. Dinner reservations; 415-925-0808. Cocktail Lounge no cover
Audrey Shimkas Jazz Trio
seen here w/Aaron GermainTues, Feb 17th
7 to 11pm
w/Greg Sankovich & Aaron Germain
Jazz 'Round Shanghai 1930
133 Steuart St, SF

no cover: 415-896-5617

Le Bistro Jazz, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
Performing with a jazz trio from Argentina, December 4th.

Tues, Jan 13th; 7-11pm
Jazz 'Round Shanghai 1930
133 Steuart St, SF
Audrey Shimkas Trio
with Greg Sankovich & Pierre ArchainCD Release Coming Soon from Rosie Red Productions

"Eclectic World Music With a

Water With The Wine
Joan Armatrading
Do You Want To Dance

Robert Freeman

Paul Simon
I Want You

Tony Joe White

Harvey Fuqua, Allan Freed
Aguas de Beber

Antonio Carlos Jobim, Norman Gimbel
Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered, Richard Rogers, Lorenz Hart
Ain’t No Cure For Love

Leonard Cohen
If I Had You

Shapiro, Campbell, Connelly
Devil May Care

T. P. Kirk, Bob Dorough
Cow, Cow, Boogie

Benny Carter, Gene DePaul, Don Raye
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh

Corte Madera Town Center
Summer Music Series

Audrey Moira Shimkas Quartet
w/Jason Martineau, Aaron Germain, Bob Blankenship

"Eclectic, World Music with a Latin/Jazz/Funk Influence"
Book Now 415-847-8331
*Sunday, August 10th, 6:30-9:30
1300 onFillmore(next to Yoshi's, SF)
Photo by
Trio w/ Jason Martineau & AAron GermainComing Sept 14th, Corte Madera Town Center
Quartet w/Jason Martineau (keyboard), Aaron Germain (bass) & Bob Blankenship (drums)

To be recorded live for my next CD.

More than 10,000 people over the weekend...

1300 Fillmore, San Francisco w/Jason Martineau & Aaron Germain
Guaymas Authentic Mexican Restaurant
July 3rd w/Frank Martin
July 17 w/Art Khu
July 31st w/ Julie Homi
August 14th w/ Greg Sankovich

6/19/08 Photos by Max AdamsThursdays June 19th; July 3rd & 17th
YouTube Video

At PointTiburonApril May
w/Dan Zemelman on Keyboard
Photos by Sabina Cesar
Sat. Feb 16th
Photo by Claudia Brisson
Thurs, Feb 28th

Photo by John Navas
Thursday, March 6th: 6 to 9pmHead's-up!
Robin Williams and Carlos Santana were in the audience.

Carlos Santana's entertainment company purchased Guaymas...

January 24th Diving into new materialJanuary 31st: Damn! It is cold, rainy & windy in Tiburon in January
5 Main St, Tiburon
Sunday, Dec 23rd w/ John Seppala
(seen here w/John)
and Dec 30th w/Adam Shulman
6:00 to 9:00pm

Authentic Mexican Cuisine
Phone: 415-435-6300

Center: Edson Palacios, General Manager, Guayma

New Year's Eve at Il Davide Cucina was FABULOUS!
Thank you Eva!
Sunday, August 12th; 2 to 4pm
Corte Madera Town Center

Audrey Shimkas Band

Jason Martineau
Aaron Germain
Bryan Bowman

Photos by
Joe Troise

Two Beautiful Ladies , Sharon & Linda, Enjoying the Corte Madera Concert and Each Other

Private Party
Near Coit Tower, San Francisco Skyline

with Ray Scott on Guitar
Thursdays in August
6:30pm to 9:00pm

Audrey Shimkaswith guitarist, Ray Scott
Izzy's Steak & Chop House55 Tamal Vista, Corte Madera

Photo by Sandy Wollenberg
Ray Scott and Audrey Shimkas
Bill and Gary, Izzy's fans, enjoyed the fun atmosphere and the jazz.

Bill & GarySunday, September 16th 7 to 10:30pm Photo by Sharon Guy
Cafe Divino, Sausalito
Audrey Shimkas & Gary Growe



Cafe Trieste, Sausalito
Sunday, July 15th
Audrey Shimkas Trio
w/Ray Scott & Aaron Germain

Photo Claudia BrissonIl Davide Cucina; 12th Year Anniversary Celebration!June 7th 2007
Audrey Shimkas Jazz Duo
w/Ben Stolorow on keyboard
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Union Street Festival
Gough Street Stage
Photo by Jungledave

Photos of Union St Festival by Sandy WollenbergSun, June 3rd from 2:00PM to 3:30PM
Union Street Festival
Gough Street Stage

Audrey Shimkas Quartet

with Aaron Germain, Curt Moore and Greg Sankovich
Jazz Round Shanghai 1930; The Band:
Lee Bloom on piano and Aaron Germain on bass

Audrey Shimkas Trio
133 Steuart St, SF: valet parking, no cover

Tues, May 15th; 7 to 11 pm
Lee Bloom & Aaron Germain
Sausalito Spring Faire
Sunday, May 6th
3 to 5:30 pm
Downtown Sausalito

Audrey Shimkas Trio
w/Jason Martineau & Aaron Germain
Photos by Joe Troise
Audrey Shimkas Trio
Cafe Trieste, Sausalito:Sunday July 15th, 2007; 7 to 10 PM
Ray Scott on Guitar & Pierre Archain on Bass

Coming August 07

Corte Madera Town Center '06
Audrey Shimkas Quartet
with Jason Martineau, Aaron Germain & Bryan Bowman

Photos by Joanna Conrad
…With her fascinating fusions of jazz standards, folk, rock and R&B tunes and her vocal jazz versatility, Audrey creates an audience-pleasing performance that captivates listeners from both worlds. This unique singer loves to take her favorite tunes (like Paul Simon’s, “Graceland”), fashion them with a jazz groove (like an up-tempo, walking, bebop bass) and give them an entirely new life. With her warm, sensual voice and knack for connecting with her audience, Audrey has proven herself to be a serious jazz talent…
Audrey Shimkas Trio In Concert2 Images by Kathleen Maguire of Bartholomew Park Winery

Bartholomew Park Winery
Images by Robert Walker Friday, Feb 23rd; 5 to 8pm
Bartholomew Park Winery, Sonoma
Triowith Jason Martineau on keyboard; Fred Randolph on bass
Admission is $20 general, $15 for wine club members
My New Sonoma Friends

Jazz 'Round Shanghai 1930 133 Steuart St, SF valet parking; no cover
with Art Khu piano and
Fred Randolf on bass
Tues, April 17th; 7 to 11PM
Photos by Sandy Wollenberg

Saturday, March 17Four Points Sheridan, San Rafael
Private Event

Trio with John Seppala on keyboard & Aaron Germain on bass

The International Center for Attitudinal Healing
proudly presents
2006 Fall Fantasia Benefit Gala
"Shanghai 1930 Supper Club"

$175 per person
Saturday, Oct 28th, 06

6:00PM to Midnight
Marin Center Exhibit Hall, Civic Center, San RafaelListen to the Exquisite Audrey Shimkas on vocals
6:00 to 8:00 PM
Audrey Shimkas Jazz Duo

with Jason Martineau on keyboard Gala photos
8:00 PM to midnight
Dancing to the fabulous Tommy Castro Band

Master of Ceremonies, Jeff Bell, KCBS News Anchor
A performer who exists for the sheer joy of singing...

Photo by Claudia Brisson
Audrey Shimkas
Audrey Shimkas on vocalsAt Caffe Trieste
Pierre Archain on bass

Don't forget to book for your private event in plenty of time.
Cuvaison Winery (Corporate Event)Private Party, Corte Madera

New CD: Available Her recently released 2nd CD, "I Wish You Love" showcases a performer who reaches for the stars...and takes your breath away.
Audrey Shimkas, vocals

Kristen Strom, sax/flute
Adam Shulman, piano
Aaron Germain, bass
Otto Huber, drums

This fast-rising vocal artist sounds like no one but herself--and that's refreshing these days. Anyone who has ever watched and listened to Audrey perform is thrilled by her openness and power as well as her versatility as a vocal artist. She has a clear, rich voice that echos warmth, sensuality, and range. Her style is emotionally expressive and personal while her phrasing is revealing and dynamic. Shimkas' signature is her choice of material--a collective blend of jazz standards, Latin rhythms, and favorite rock-funk tunes tossed to a jazz sensibility. "Photo by Claudia Brisson
Cafe Trieste, Sausalito

Sunday Dec 10th 7 to 10pm
Audrey Shimkas Trio, vocals
TBA, keyboard
TBA, bass

Servino's, Tiburon
Friday, August 11th 6 to 9pm
Audrey Shimkas Quartet
John Seppala, Jeff Marrs, Pierre Archain
…She's complete with a self-assured sensuality and laid-back delivery of a Brazilian tune like "Summer Samba"...

Corte Madera Town Center,
Summer Concert Series
Audrey Shimkas Quartet
with Jason Martineau on keyboard

"Emotionally Expressive, Powerful..."
142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley
Audrey Shimkas In Concert; April 7th; $20 ticket

Jazz 'Round Shanghai 1930

The making of a CD...
"Warm, powerful and emotionally expressive..."I Wish You Love
Audrey Shimkas In Concert
at 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley
Kristen Strom, sax/flute
Adam Shulman, piano
Aaron Germain, bass
Otto Huber, drums